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This app is designed backwards. The primary purpose of an e-calendar is to make it easy to keep track of the things one has todo, and the date/time they have to be done. Thats all most todo lists consist of: a date, a time, and a description of what needs to be done.

When you install Lightning, you have all kinds of calendar views available to you. week-at-a-time, day-at-a-time, etc. However, when you try to add a 'Task', its nowhere to be found. On the other hand, if you want to add an 'Event' (like a rock-concert, or something which has a start-time, and an end-time) that will show up on the calendar view.

If you decide you want to look at your list of 'Tasks', there is no calendar view (or at least none I could find). Instead, you just get a stacked list of Tasks. Yes, each task has a date next to it, but if you want to look at a Calendar view, and see what 'Events' and/or 'Tasks' are scheduled for a day, a week, or a month -- forget about it.

The only solution? Just treat 'Events' as 'Tasks', and don't make the mistake of adding a Task, thinking you'll be able to track it on a Calendar. My question: why wouldn't the typical person wanting to use a good e-calendar system, want to be able to see both their 'Events' and 'Tasks' listed in the Calendar view?

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Calendar Tweaks

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I'm pleased that someone figured out that Lightning/Calendar needed to be tweaked. Unfortunately, the most glaring defect is still there. I'm talking about the disconnect between 'Tasks' and 'Events'.

I need an e-calendar to track the things I have to do on a given date at a given time. (I almost never need to track the date/time of an 'Event'.) So, I create a task, save it, and then it disappears. In order to see it, I have to open the Tasks Tab, and all I get is a todo list.

Apparently, the authors of the original Lightning app determined that 'Tasks' don't need to appear in a calendar view. So, when it comes to looking at a display of what you need to get done in a given week, if you want something to show up in the calendar, you have to call it an 'Event' -- which makes absolutely no sense.

So, if the people behind the Calendar Tweaks want to do something to dramatically improve the Calendar app, add the ability to display a calendar view which includes Tasks & Events. (Or if thats too hard, just provide a Calendar view in the 'Tasks' tab.)

Thanks in advance !;)