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Great that it should work again on TB68, but the hotkey change seems to make it unusable on OSX (no native "Alt" key; TB binds that to Option, but Option-W is already a system shortcut for alternate text entry [capital-Sigma])

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Loved the previous versions. What's the hotkey on a Mac for this new version?

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Great add-on.

May I know whether it's possible to disable word wrap by default as I use External Editor most of the time? I tried setting mailnews.wraplength=0 but then the add-on can no longer enable word wrap. Tweaking mail.wrap_long_lines and plain_text.wrap_long_lines didn't help, either.

To my understanding (I've only inherited the code), the add-on needs a non-zero setting when opening the editor in order to apply a concrete value for enabling the wrapping. Could be changed but would require to configure in the add-on what the wrap length should be. For that, we lack infrastructure so far. Same goes for pre-setting the add-on to "disabled" state. Contributions would be welcome, I'm currently lacking time for this.

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Works great, just like the old version, except that the hotkey seems to have changed (it's Alt-W now afaics).