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The addon does exactly what it promises. It transfers the files without any problems to a WebDAV remote location (tested with a Nextcloud server). Also the configuration is easy - just enter the WebDAV URL, thunderbird asks automatically for the credential at first upload.

However, the plugin can't be used as a replacement for "Nextcloud filelink" as I hoped (which is currently not available for TB 68). That is not a fault of the addon, it is caused by the concept of Nextcloud. Although the files were transferred successfully to the nextcloud server, the link sent in the mail don't is not the URL of a public share, it points "directly" to the file; t. m., it needs a login on the server to open it. T. m., "Nextcloud filelink" do not only transfer the file per WebDAV, it additionally creates a public share.

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it doesn't work for me too.
A Github issue is opened here :

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I couldn't get it working with my Nextcloud server. There is no field to enter the credentials after saving the URL.

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Hi how does this work?