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Outstanding extension marred by 'optional' advertising that re-enabled itself in two separate browser profiles, which went unnoticed until ESET recently added it to its database as JS/Adware.Revizer.

Three stars as I suspect this was a glitch rather than the developer's intention. Regret not donating before the adware crept in, due to persistent, previously-reported PayPal errors when attempting to donate via Mozilla's links (affecting all add-ons).

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (5.10) abgegeben. 


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Outdated. Does not search via HTTPS, so queries are sent in the clear to be logged by data retention schemes in various countries. Yet it remains basically the 'default' YouTube search add-on for Firefox?

The Mycroft Project hosts various ones that do (as it's a long list that can be hard to pick from, I'd suggest just getting the one 'by Mycroft Project').