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Edit Bookmark Plus

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This addone, appears to fix the many glitches with saving a new bookmark in version 45. Plus gives some further access to bookmark name/url. Nice.


I also have Change Bookmark Recent Folder List Length 1.3.1 addon installed. Both work well together. Would be wonderful if i had 1 addon that extended my add bookmark popup rather than 1. Maybe this eature could be added.

Menu Wizard

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hello, can you please add a support email, as the mozillerine forum keeps giving me errors and I do not understand the language on the blog.. and all i want to do is ask a few simple questions. How do I add this new bookmark contextual item e.g.

and finally can customize Bookmarks Context Menu

only 1 tiny thing
...was freaking a bit until I found the helper hint

Hint! In Firefox, you can't scroll while using drag &drop : to scroll when dragging items, move the mouse to the top/bottom/left/right of the screen...

Maybe try get the helper hint on right click when newly installed... as I did not know what to do for a few weeks.. until I had time to hunt around a bit...

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hi, it worked great and now it doesnt. 1) the popup is blank. No words. I have reinstalled addon. Rebooted Fx. Reverted to my old profile and it came back again, then it disappeared again on that profile too. 2) chrome extensions layout is better. too much scrolling to get to your desired options in fx. Perhaps consider allowing user to set options they most use to show in popup. thankyou

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