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Bookmarks Checker - check for bad links

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And that is why I took one star off. I had to fiddle around deleting items in my Toolbar to get it to show up. Reboot a couple of times. But yes, it does a magnificent job once you can get that little star to show. Duplicates, Broken links, Error-generated links. It's all there.

In addition to the primordial hack of "Maximize Window", it can be squirrely to page down while marking your entries for Whitelisting. Just click the lowest box, unclick it, line down once . . . and then you can "Page Down" until the next bottleneck. Repeat, Rinse. Others have noted the interface is in desperate need of some | | | columns | | |. I have a strong suspicion the interface was designed for a cellphone environment. Nonetheless it's a little beast, so BACKUP YOUR BOOKMARKS first. ;)

And if your monitor supports it I can tell you it's a thing to behold on a 1920px widescreen pivoted to Portrait Mode!

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Edit Bookmark Plus

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I retract my previous review, and urge Mozilla to hard-code Kashif's Edit Bookmark Plus addon because it corrects a native bug in FF's bookmarks coding. Bravo Kashif.

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