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Hi again! I used this all those years up to i knew your "Wheelclear". Two fabulous add-ons. Thank you so much for this explendid stuff.

Suggestion: (Forgive me if you think that this shouln't be posted here)
• I use another tiny addon (here in AMO) but with a very usefull functionality. it's named "Scrool search engines". As you could imagine it's scroll through the search engines in the search-bar when you hover the search-bar (even without need to focus it). Fortunely "Wheelclear" works EVERYWHERE, except in the search-bar, couse "Scrool search engines" overides "Wheelclear". So, at this point evertthing's fine, but Which is the way to clear the search-bar in a easy way?
In a sense, "Wheelclear" was builded as a better replacement to "Xclear". So it's a nonsense have both instaled. But, if you consider the case that i exposed, "Xclear" could be in the ride once again.
I think that if you put an option to make xclear works (appears) ONLY in the search-bar, i will have three excellent functionalities, without having the "clear" function in other imput than search-bar.

(Also this "problem" could be traslated to the URL too if wheelclear is used in conjuntion with other addons that use the scrool wheel mouse button (like "Omnibar", i don't use it but i tried) in the URL. So if you put my suggestion to the URL (independient from the search-bar) it could be another help compatibility with some other add-on that use the scrool whell without the need to have to xclear and wheelclear repeated in all the browser.

I hope i made my point and forgive my bad english. Thanks again.

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To disable the icon in the url field, put this into your userChrome.css:
#urlbar * .xclear {
display: none !important;