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I installed RMD as I have a site I must access via IP rather than URL that is mismatched with its security certificate. RMD changed the error message I get when I go to the site, and what I read is in a language that is not English. I check the spot that in English would say "Don't warn me again..." and it goes into RMD's "Asetukset" page I can access in Seamonkey. It does not work; every time I start Seamonkey I get the error message, check it, and the data is added to the "Asetukset" page as another duplicate entry.

I uninstalled RMD and reinstalled it several times (in the application folder) with the same results.

I uninstalled RMD again and then tried to install it in the profile folder instead of the application folder, in case that might work. That resulted in an error "The installation of RMD failed. Chrome registration failed".

I uninstalled RMD again. Now I'm not given the opportunity to install in the application folder; I get the Chrome registration failed message instead of the window that allowed me to select the application folder.

How do I install this add-on, how do I install it in English, and how do I make it work?