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It's work but you have to download file *.xpi and install manual on addons thunderbird

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Although this plug-in is dated and has not been updated, it is excellent.

One click and any email in Thunderbird is saved in PDF format. Easy. Simple. Price is right.

I have yet to find another plug-in for Thunderbird that saves emails as a PDF file from within Thunderbird.

If I could suggest improvements it would be:

1. Automatically the date to the file name
2. Ability to save an email to pdf from a filter for automation

Otherwise great plugin

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It is an excellent addon , it just did not print the full path of url,so when you try to open the link from the pdf,you will have no way to do it if the link is long . It works only for short links adresses (short url s).Otherwise,it is an very good and usefull addon.Thank to developer for his work

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It just does not work.
It dervies the filename from the url, but generates an invalid filename.
If you correct it, the file is created, but
cannot be displayed. Firefox crashes immidiately.

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I had a problem figuring out where the print/export feature was hiding. I was expecting it in the print menu. It is located below the Print option in the drop down FILE menu. Once I overcame my partial blindness the feature worked as advertised. I only need simple pdfs as receipts of payments and this program does the job.

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Thank you for this add-on. I was unable to print emails because I have not yet succeed to configure the virtual pdf printer within Thunderbird. I have no printer at home so now with your add-on, I can export my emails in pdf and print them in a copy shop.

But what I miss are the details of the email : From, Subject, To, Date.

Otherwise it's great, it works.

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Très pratique.
Fonctionne parfaitement avec Thunderbird 17.05
On peut enfin transformer les e-mails en PDF, et si facilement. Merci l'inventeur.