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[EDIT: After using this tool for a good chunk of time, I realized all the readings are off. After comparing measurements to other window measuring tools I found the measurements are WAY OFF. Tested both viewport and window size and found measurements displayed are not close to either!!! I would post picture evidence but no upload feature.]

I needed a simple app to help with responsive window resolution testing for my website. And this app fit my needs almost perfectly. It could use a few more features like starting with a few more standard sizes but otherwise great job!

If you make it open source, I promise to make some improvements from similar apps (but more advanced) that I have used and tested and found to be useful. Sadly, they only work with Chrome. =[

Oh, and a super thanks for letting me know about Barlesque, I love it!!!!

This extension is meant to resize the entire browser window to the specified size, not the HTML viewport. I really feel that most, if not all web site designs seem to target some sort of ideal viewport size (like 1024x768), and always seem to forget about window borders, scroll bars, etc..., and it really drives me nuts. You can't ignore the fact that browsers have all of these interface elements. If you're developing for mobile devices, this is a different story, and in that case, using the viewport size would make more sense.

Firesizer's measurements include these window borders, top/bottom status bars, menus, navigation buttons, etc... When these are included, the measurements are accurate. Further, when the window is maximized, Windows actually just makes the window so big that you can't see the borders, but they are still there. This will cause the measurements to appear to be inaccurate in a maximized window. There is no way to account for this in the extension because the border widths are OS specific, and users can change them if they want.